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Our Philosophy

At Oaks Legal, we strive always to do good by all our stakeholders.

We listen to you,

with your interest always in our focus.

We advise you, 

applying our knowledge and experience.

We guide you, 

to take action towards attaining your objectives.

Your success is our priority.

The meaning of our name

Oaks represents strength and steadfastness, qualities & character we
aspire to be and seek to exhibit in all our dealings with our stakeholders.

One of the Chinese names of an oak tree is “栎树” (lì shù). The Chinese name of our firm “栎義” (lì yì) comprising 2 characters each in the simplified and traditional forms representing a combination of the new and the traditional. Even as we always strive to stay relevant for the future, we are mindful of traditions and lessons of the past.


The radical “乐” (lè/yuè) in “栎” (lì) also mean joy and music. “栎義” (lì yì) also sounds similar to “利益” (lì yì) (benefit).

In all we do, we seek benefit for our clients and our business partners.

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