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Inheritance, Succession, and Legal Planning

Inheritance, Succession and Legacy planning

This practice area is close to our team’s heart. It touches on relationships. The issues involved almost always touches on matters of the heart.


It requires deep listening to parties and empathy to clarify objectives of clients to pass on only their businesses and wealth but also a legacy of the correct values for their generations to come after them. 


Often, the obvious and simplest structure may be the best solution to meet the objectives of the clients. But sometimes, the solution need to involve more complex structures.

We advise you on:

  • The clarification and crystallisation of your objectives.

  • The appropriate structures (including trusts and private trust companies) and/or instruments (wills, lasting power of attorneys and advanced medical directives).

  • Establishment of family constitutions.

  • Steps to take in relation to conversations with family members or key partners in businesses. 

  • Liaising with foreign counsel where the matter involves cross jurisdictional issues.

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